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 Regional History:

QSI International School of Chisinau is located in Chisinau, which is the capital and largest city in Moldova. It is Moldova’s oldest city, founded in 1420. Chisinau suffered greatly during World II and was 70% destroyed from bombing and street fighting.  Subsequently, the city was rebuilt with tree-lined streets and parks. Chisinau is also the cultural center of the country. It boasts theaters, universities, a science academy, music conservatory, museums, and an opera house. It is the poorest nation in Europe, yet has a hopeful outlook for the future. Today Chisinau, like all of Moldova, is in transition after a tumultuous election, protests and change of political parties in leadership in 2009. Caught in the pull between European Union and the Russian influence, Moldova is faced with a decision regarding its national identity today. At the end of June 2010, the local election favored the EU integration coalition and looks more stable.

 School History:

QSI International School of Chisinau was founded in 1996 as a member of Quality Schools International. It was founded to provide a school with an English language/American curriculum for children of parents working in the diplomatic and foreign business communities. In 2002 the school was moved to a large house in Telecentru, and moved into the current facility in August 2010. In the Fall  of 2020 the school opened a new high school wing that also included a library and cafeteria.  The school's enrollment has grown to 100 students.